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End of the year for the school year working for Stanbridge Academy. Some of us decided to go bowling and it was tons of fun! I did pretty good, got over 95 in both of my games. Here a picture and yes, I get to check this off of my bucket list for the year 2015! May summer finally begin! Yes, one of my co-workers photobombed the picture and didn't realize it! ;-)

With five days of work left, what should be my summer plans? Maybe it might be best to come up with a bucket list that I would love to do for the Summer of 2015? Excellent idea.

  1. Make this story about you (my fans)
  2. 2-50 are your suggestions! Please leave a comment below! 
  3. Skydive
  4. Meet Marlee Matlin 
  5. Write a top10 post about dead related apps
  6. Go camping
  7. Write a political post
  8. Make new friends. 
  9. Go bowling
  10. Read a book. 
  11. Watch a new show. 
  12. Visit a new place in Cali. 
  13. Swim again. 
  14. Workout and lose another 20 pounds. 
  15. Put a secret in a balloon. 
  16. Try a semi extreme sport. 
  17. Be proud of your work. 
  18. Write a letter to a politician. 
  19. Write a letter to a family member. 
  20. Learn something new. 
  21. Try something new everyday. 
  22. Take an underwater picture. 
  23. Lay in a hammock and enjoy the moment. 
  24. Do something out of your comfort level
  25. Show off something you're proud of! 
  26. Go to the beach. 

As I mentioned in the last post, I'm having trouble seeing with my blurry eyes. The problem is not as bad as before. Some days, my eyes are blurry. Some days, my eyes are just fine. Funny though.

Today, I decided to do something that I have never thought of doing. While at CVS, I decided, well, why the hell not to try on some reading glasses. So, I go to the pharmacy area and find the section that has reading glasses. The first, +2.50, was too strong for me. So, I try on the +1.00 and those were too light. Just like the three bears, the third one was perfect. +1.50. Yet, when I turned over the glasses to see the price. Well, I immediately put them back on the rack! $24.99 for a lame pair of reading glasses! Holy smokes! Good thing I'm still very young! I think I'm gonna wing it out until my next vision check or until I"m 98 years old! 

Lately, my eyes have been bothering me. It's been three years since I last had my eyes checked, so I think it's about time to get my eyes checked soon. It's weird. Before I could read just fine using my glasses and see far. Now, I can still see far, but when I try to read, it's alittle blurry. It might just be the glasses. They're all scratched up and loose. But the weird thing again is that I tried my contacts on as well the other day and I had the same problem again. I couldn't read well and the words were blurry when I tried to read.

I would really love to get my eyes fixed using lasers technology. I remember ten years ago that to get it done it was quite expensive. So, I'm thinking now, the prices should be cheaper. I don't know much about this kind of technology, but if you know of anything or have any advice on where to get your eyes done, feel free to leave a comment! 

As I mentioned in the previous two post, History of 3-D Printing and Teaching 3-D Printing with Learning Disabilities, that I will be teaching 3-D printing. Yesterday, we completed the last day of the City X Project where the students had to make 3-D models of their prototypes with clay. After that, they used the rest of their time to research websites that had 3-D models examples that they can use when deciding on what to make. The students love this since it was hands on and they got to compare their ideas with the ideas of their classmates. They were also able to suggest better ideas on how to make each other prototypes better! 

Here are the prototypes that they made!